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At the Brooklyn Cash Register company we specialize in providing quality and durable cash registers and point of sale (POS) systems. We carry a variety of cash registers and POS systems and our inventory is designed to address the needs of a wide cross-section of retail businesses and organizations. Our company is based in Jamaica, New York and we are focused on meeting the needs of our growing clientele in an ever-changing marketplace.
As a leading provider of cash registers and POS solutions in Queens, New York we seek to ensure that our clients are always a step ahead of industry trends. The Brooklyn Cash Register company sells Casio cash registers, Sam4s cash registers, UPSolution POS systems, digital scales and a variety of paper rolls.
We carry:
Traditional Cash Register Supplies
Restaurant POS Systems
Pizza / Delivery Point of sale Systems
Retail POS System
Grocery Point of sale Systems
Beauty Salon POS Systems
Other Business Point of sale Systems
POS Cash Register
Debit Credit Card Terminals
Point of Sale Software
Restaurant POS Software
Retail POS Software
Spa Salon Software
Point of Sale Supplies
POS Printer Supply